Discover both common and unusual Korean food so you know what you are eating when in Korea. Find restaurant recommendations here too!


These days, we all have subscriptions to almost everything, but did you know, that you can subscribe to get Korean snacks? Introducing Seoulbox, a service that aims to bring Korea to your doorstep, wherever you are around the world. Seoulbox will send you a box of authentic Korean snacks or merch every month!

Meerkat Cafe 미어캣 카페 has been a thing in South Korea for a few years now. You can expect not just to see meerkats but to have a chance to touch these cute animals! There are several meerkat cafes located all over South Korea but I do think the experience of visiting one should be about the same whichever one you visit.

The Han River is one of the most iconic rivers in Korea. The areas along the river are bustling with life and activities and you won’t be able to find any problems spending the whole day there. So you may ask, “What can I possibly do along Han River?” Here are 5 things or activities that you can do in areas near Han River.