Hold on, we go to swimming pools to swim, not to drink coffee, right? That’s not the case for this unique cafe called Gemstone located in Busan, Yeong-do gu.

This cafe in Busan (Gemstone) is located in what used to be a swimming pool complex. The whole building was repurposed to become a unique cafe. The cafe tried to retain as much of the old architecture of the swimming pool as possible, so much so that the signature blue floor tiles of swimming pools were left untouched and have become the centrepiece of this unique cafe.

Exterior view of Gemstone Cafe in Yeongdo
The cafe kept as much of the old architecture of the swimming pool complex as possible, and that included the building exterior. (Taken from Naver Maps)
Tables and chairs in the swimming pool at Gemstone Cafe Yeongdo
Tables and chairs placed within the swimming pool itself (Photo by Daily under CC BY)
GIF showing the tables and chairs in the swimming pool of Gemstone Cafe Yeongdo
Fancy drinking some coffee in the swimming pool?

Yes, it’s a cafe but there are also some exhibits for you to explore! You can find old amenities left behind from it being a swimming pool in the past.

Locker room interior design of Gemstone Cafe Yeongdo
A part of the cafe redesigned to look like the swimming pool’s locker room
Photo zone in Gemstone Cafe Yeongdo
Cue the music, please

Come to this cafe for a unique cafe experience. Cafes with nice views are enjoyable but this experience of drinking coffee at the bottom of a swimming pool is something not to be missed.

HOT TIP: If you are into peanut butter, try their Peanut Cream Latte. A delicious drink with a strong nutty and creamy taste. I would give that drink an 8.5/10. 👍

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