The Han River is one of the most iconic rivers in Korea. The areas along the river are bustling with life and activities and you won’t be able to find any problems spending the whole day there. So you may ask, “What can I possibly do along Han River?” Here are 5 things or activities that you can do in areas near Han River.

1) Rent and ride a bicycle along the Han River

Cyclists cycling along the Han River
Riding a bicycle along the Han River may be one of the most therapeutic things to do in Korea (Photo by 블랜언니 under CC BY-SA)

This is probably the first thing you will notice when you arrive at the Han River; waves of cyclists zooming along the river. Cycling along the Han River is probably one of the top things Koreans like to do during their free time.

The view from the cyclists lane along the Han River
Take in the amazing views as you cycle along the Han River (Photo by 부동산투자로 부자되기 under CC BY-ND)

You can rent bicycles at almost every major point along the Han River and rental rates are inexpensive too (about 3,000 won per hour).

A bicycle rental shop 자전거대여점 in Ttukseom 뚝섬
A bicycle rental shop 자전거대여점 in Ttukseom 뚝섬 (Photo by 솜솜이네♡ under CC BY-SA)

2) Picnic in a Park near Han River

A picnic spread along Han River
Have a little picnic along the Han River (Photo by 융부부 밴라이프 under CC BY-ND)

There are a lot of parks along the Han River. Instead of heading to a restaurant in the city, why not pack some food, decor and your picnic mat and head to a park near the river for a nice picnic session? Too lazy to pack or prepare food? No worries because you can actually order food delivery and the delivery guy can bring your food to a collection point near you!

A delivery pick up poin along Han River
You can direct the delivery guy to a pickup point like the one above to collect your food! (Photo by 융부부 밴라이프 under CC BY-ND)

Want something piping hot? You can actually cook up some ramyeon 라면 at convenience stores near the Han River! Buy a packet of ramyeon along with some side dishes like sausages and cook them right by the river!

A raymeon cooking machine found in convenience stores along Han River
Cook your ramyeon and eat them piping hot near the Han River (Photo by 모아이문(문호준) 일상블로그 under CC BY-SA)

3) Take a Duck Boat on Han River

Duck Boat rides are readily along the whole stretch of the Han River (Photo by 블랜언니 under CC BY-SA)

Enough with all the activities you can do on land! Let’s take a ride on a Duck Boat and enjoy the breeze as you pedal in the Han River. This is just one of the many water activities you can do on the Han River. If you don’t fancy pedalling your own boat, you can also choose to take a ferry cruise and enjoy both the day and night sights the river has to offer!

4) Visit Cafes Near the Han River that Offer Beautiful Views

Cafe with Han River view
Fancy a cuppa with great view of the river?

I have covered some activities that require some physicality but if you would like to chill and relax, there are cafes along the Han River that might be of interest to you. Because they are located near (or even in) the Han River, you can expect to enjoy some nice views with your cup of coffee. Here are some cafes that I have found that you may like:

  1. Hangang 632 Street 한강632스트릿
  2. Starbucks Seoul Wave Art Center 스타벅스 서울웨이브아트센터점
  3. THE Hangang THE한강

5) Cross a Bridge

The bridges stretching across the river are actually very accessible. (Photo by 블랜언니 under CC BY-SA)

Yeah, you read that right. I recommend that you cross a bridge. Trust me, the experience will be pretty unique when you actually do it. If you have been to Seoul before, you would have crossed a bridge before, be it on a car or on a metro train, but never on foot or bicycle.

These bridges (27 in total) can be found spread throughout the length of the river and connect the north part of Seoul with the south. They form very important transportation links, so it only makes sense to make these bridges accessible to both cars and pedestrians alike.

While crossing the bridges, don’t forget to take a look around for spectacular views of the Han River and the city. You will not be disappointed, I promise.

HOT TIP: You can take your bicycles up the bridge! Many of the bridges are accessible via elevators that connect directly to the cycling lanes so if you are planning to cycle at the Han River for a while, try a course that involves crossing one of the bridges.

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