Autumn is a beautiful season in Seoul, when the city is painted with vibrant colours of red, orange and yellow. The crisp air and the falling leaves create a romantic atmosphere that attracts many visitors and locals alike.

Autumn in Korea lasts from September to November. During this time, the weather is cool and clear, it is also a great time to enjoy various festivals, activities, and foods that celebrate the harvest and nature.

If you are looking for some places to enjoy the autumn scenery in Seoul, here are our top 5 recommendations.

1. Namsan Park 남산공원

(Photo by I ♥︎ ME under CC BY-SA)

Namsan Park is one of the most popular destinations in Seoul for any season, but especially for autumn. The park covers a large area around Namsan Mountain, which offers stunning views of the city skyline and the surrounding nature. You can take a cable car or hike up to the N Seoul Tower, where you can admire the panoramic vista of Seoul and its colourful foliage. The park also has various trails, gardens, pavilions and cultural facilities to explore.


2. Gyeongbokgung Palace 경복궁

(Photo by 기록의 숲 under CC BY-SA)

Gyeongbokgung Palace is the largest and most impressive of the five royal palaces in Seoul. It was built in 1395 as the main residence of the Joseon Dynasty kings and showcases the beauty and elegance of traditional Korean architecture. The palace grounds are surrounded by stone walls and gates, and feature several halls, pavilions, ponds and bridges. In autumn, the palace becomes even more majestic as the maple trees turn red and contrast with the blue-tiled roofs and white walls.


3. Seoraksan National Park 설악산국립공원

(Photo by Wikimedia Commons under CC BY-SA)

Seoraksan National Park is located about three hours away from Seoul by car or bus, but it is well worth the trip if you want to experience the best of Korea’s natural beauty. The park is home to Seoraksan Mountain, which is the third-highest mountain in Korea and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The park boasts diverse landscapes, such as rocky peaks, deep valleys, waterfalls, streams and forests. In autumn, the park is ablaze with fiery colours that create a breathtaking scenery.


4. Changdeokgung Palace 창덕궁

Changdeokgung Palace is another royal palace in Seoul that was built in 1405 as a secondary palace for the Joseon Dynasty kings. It is known for its harmonious design that blends with the natural environment. The palace has several buildings and structures, but the highlight is the Huwon Garden, also known as the Secret Garden. The garden covers 78 acres and contains various ponds, pavilions, trees and flowers. In autumn, the garden becomes a fairytale-like setting with golden leaves and chrysanthemums.


5. Cheonggyecheon Stream 청계천

(Photo by Mark Pegrum under CC BY)

Cheonggyecheon Stream is a modern urban oasis in the heart of Seoul. It is a 10.9-kilometre-long stream that runs from Gwanghwamun Square to Dongdaemun Market, passing through various landmarks and attractions along the way. The stream was restored in 2005 after being covered by a highway for decades and now serves as a recreational space for pedestrians and cyclists. In autumn, the stream is decorated with lanterns and sculptures that celebrate the season and add to its charm.


Visiting Seoul, South Korea in autumn is a must-do activity for anyone who loves nature’s beauty. The top 5 spots recommended above offer some of the best views of the colourful foliage and a chance to experience the romantic atmosphere of the season. But your trip to Korea wouldn’t be complete without visiting some of the unique cafes that the country has to offer. Check out our article “6 Unique Cafes in Korea You MUST VISIT” to discover some of the most exciting and unusual cafes in the country, and make your trip to Korea even more unforgettable.

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