Meerkat Cafe 미어캣 카페 has been a thing in South Korea for a few years now. You can expect not just to see meerkats but to have a chance to touch these cute animals! There are several meerkat cafes located all over South Korea (Location details at the end) but I do think the experience of visiting one should be about the same whichever one you visit. With that being said, let me share my experience of visiting one of these cafes here in South Korea.

Exterior of Meerkat Cafe Pet Cafe Lala Land
The cafe we visited is located within this building on the 7th floor. (Photo taken from Naver Maps)

The Meerkat Cafe that we visited is called Pet Cafe Lala Land 펫카페 라라랜드 and is located in Busan. For such cafes, there usually is an entrance fee that you need to pay. Over here, the entrance fee was 10,000 won which includes a bottled drink of your choice. You will also get a cup of treats that you can feed the animals with.

Meerkat Cafe Pet Cafe Lala Land Entrance Fee Sign
Entrance fees are a norm to enter such pet cafes in South Korea (Photo by 고압세척 하수구뚜러킹 로켓설비 under CC BY-ND)

Once inside the cafe, you will be greeted by a whole host of different animals. When we were there, we saw cats, a racoon, pigs, a deer (yeah, you read right. Pigs and deer in a cafe.), and of course, meerkats.

A deer in Meerkat Cafe Pet Cafe Lala Land
There was a deer in the cafe! (Photo by 고압세척 하수구뚜러킹 로켓설비 under CC BY-ND)

Although there were so many other animals, we spent the most time with the meerkats. They were housed separately from the other animals. Once you enter the meerkat area, these curious little animals will come flocking toward you. They are also not scared of humans so it makes interacting with them very easy.

Meerkats found in Meerkat Cafe Pet Cafe Lala Land
These curious little animals will come to you without fear.
Meerkat standing on my shoulder at Meerkat Cafe Pet Cafe Lala Land
They will even climb on you since it’s in their instincts to find high ground.

Be sure to put loose objects on you in your bag. These meerkats like to dig so they will probably dig into your pockets. During my experience, some of the meerkats kept digging for my phone and belt. I gave up trying to keep them away and just let them fiddle around with my personal belongings.

This meerkat was trying to get a hold of my treat cup…

If you are a meerkat whisperer, one might even snuggle up with you and fall asleep in your arms!

A sleeping meerkat in Meerkat Cafe Pet Cafe Lala Land
How cute is this??

Overall, the whole experience was pretty unique. I never expected myself to get a chance to touch a meerkat and interact so closely with them. I can say that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience so if you would like to say hi to these beautiful meerkats, you can head to one of these meerkat cafes located in South Korea.

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