Busan’s beach night views may be amazing, but seeing Busan FROM the sea ON a boat is something else. Today, we will be bringing you on a yacht tour along Busan shores and we will be slipping off from The Bay 101.

The main building of The Bay 101 in Busan
The main building is easy to spot
The skyline view from The Bay 101 in Busan
The skyline looks amazing too (Photo by Photopmh under CC BY-SA)

Head to the main building (It’s very difficult to miss it, really) and get your yacht tickets from the ticketing booth. I bought my tickets at 30,000 won (Weekend night, March 2022). Ticket prices may differ so please check here for the latest prices.

Price table of The Bay 101 Yacht Tours
Once again, please check latest pricing on their website! (Taken from The Bay 101, Translated by Jay)

HOT TIP: The yachts slip off every hour between 10 am to 10 pm so time your arrival at The Bay 101 properly to avoid waiting too long for the next yacht.

Once you have your tickets, proceed to the pier and wait to board the yacht.

Pier Entrace of The Bay 101 in Busan
This is where you will enter to board the yacht. Enjoy the skyline while waiting.

The fun begins when you board the yacht. Now, I won’t be doing the whole yacht experience justice using pictures alone so enjoy the video that I have put together.

The whole ride took about an hour. The views were spectacular and I really recommend taking the yacht at night. They serve refreshments on the yacht too. If you want to try being on the helm, you can ask the captain for permission.

After 60 minutes of great views and a potential bout of seasickness, why not head back to The Bay 101 for some Fish and Chips served alongside a cup of ice-cold beer from Fingers and Chat?

Fish and Chips from Fingers & Chat Dining Pub in The Bay 101 Busan
Get rid of the taste of sea spray in your mouth with some piping hot fish and chips

HOT TIP: There were a lot of people dining at The Bay 101 before our yacht ride. Because we took the last yacht tour and returned to shore late, the crowd dispersed and dining was much more comfortable.

Overall, the whole experience was magical. If you come to Busan, this tour of Busan shores is definitely something you don’t want to miss. You won’t be able to find something similar in Seoul.

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