If you have never been onboard a naval ship, then you would not want to miss this Pohang Ship Experience. You will get a chance to explore a decommissioned Korean Naval Corvette for free!

This ship is conveniently located near some parking spots and is also near public transport so getting there should not be a problem. Finding it is also very easy since it’s difficult to miss a warship docked so closely next to modern civilisation.

The Pohang Ship Experience's Patrol Combat Corvette docked
This Patrol Combat Corvette is hard to miss.

The gangway is located towards the stern of the ship. Once you step onboard, you will be able to spot a 30mm gun pointing towards the stern and an anti-submarine launching pad. These are just a few of the many weapon systems that you will be able to see onboard.

The 30mm gun seen in the Pohang Ship Experience
It is interesting to see a warship so closely docked to modern buildings and facilities.

Head through a door and enter the interior of the ship, you will be able to see and enter the different cabins within the ship. From the galley to the commanding officer’s cabin, you will be able to experience what ship life was like for seamen who have sailed onboard before.

A medical room in Pohang Ship Experience
Injured crew were probably treated for their wounds in this medical room

You can even read more about the history of the ship and also stories about the sinking of Cheonan, a sister ship to Pohang.

Read about the history of the ship onboard the ship itself

To a person who has not been on board a warship, this place will be an eye-opener. With that being said, the Pohang Ship Experience is not just about exploring a warship; You get to see and feel a piece of Korean naval history. I also highly recommend this place to people who are interested in Korean history.

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