Netflix has announced plans for a new reality show based on one of their most-watched series, “Squid Game.”

This comes after Netflix gave the green light for “Squid Game” to return for a second season.

The story of “Squid Game” told stories of various characters who faced financial difficulties but were given a chance to win a total 45.6 billion won if they were to play and win a series of childhood games.

Unlike the series, which involves a dark turn when a contestant loses a game, contestants of the new reality show will simply lose their chance to win 4.56 million dollars and not their lives.

Netflix also claims that the prize money is the biggest lump sum in reality TV’s history.

The 10-episode Squid Game reality show will feature various games that appeared in the original series as well as other new additions. It will be filmed in the United Kingdom and will only cast English-speaking contestants, so don’t expect to hear Korean vulgarities this time round.

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