Seoul city will finally change its current city slogan, I.SEOUL.U, early next year, according to reports. In a promotional video titled “Fill Up Your SOUL in Sleepless SEOUL” released by VisitSeoul TV, the phrase “My Soul Seoul” prominently appears at the front and back of the video, leading netizens to believe that “My Soul Seoul” could possibly be the new city slogan next year.

News of the possible change reached Reddit and Redditors expressed some mixed reactions.

One user compared it to the current slogan and commented:

Makes more sense than the last one.


Several users felt that the older slogans were better.

Find Your Seoul is still the best one


The old ‘the Seoul of Asia’ remains my favorite


Some users referred to the change as a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Why change. Now they have to change all the logo again everywhere. What a waste of our taxes


My tax wasted….


Others had even contributed their own slogan ideas.

I would prefer something like: Lose your soul in Seoul


You and I, Heart and Seoul


But in general, it seemed like Redditors were not very receptive to the possible new slogan…

but my Seoul soul is so so.


Ugh. “I Seoul You” was at least hilarious.


Seoul bad


somehow it’s worse


So what do you think of this possible change? Yay or Nay? Comment down below your thoughts! Click here to read other Korea-related news!


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