It is no secret that Koreans are big on “privacy”. According to Korean Constitution, everyone has the “right to one’s facial image”.

If you have watched Korean variety shows or news, you would find that most of the time, people not involved in the show or story would have their faces blurred out because the TV networks didn’t have consent to show their faces.

So most Koreans know that they have “rights to their own face or image”. As a result, people are more sensitive about being photographed and vice versa.

Last Saturday evening, the police have arrested a pilot for secretly taking photos of women in Gyeongui Line Forest Park using his mobile phone.

The pilot, who works for a foreign airline, was arrested at the park after an eyewitness report.

The pilot initially claimed that he was taking photos of the scenery but police found several photos of women on his phone.

While the nature of the photos and whether the pilot was charged are unknown, one needs to be tactful while taking photos in South Korea. You don’t want to end up on the wrong side of the law.

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