Those flying taxis that you have always seen in movies might become a reality very soon. SK Telecom has said that they aim to commercialise Urban Air Mobility (UAM) by 2025.

UAM is basically a highly automated system of aircraft that transport passengers or cargo in lower altitudes within urban areas.

Many believe that UAM is the next generation of transportation and mobility, following the development of autonomous cars.

One feature of UAM that makes it attractive compared to self-driving cars is that it doesn’t add to traffic congestion on roads. Furthermore, in concentrated urban areas like Seoul, using UAM aircraft to commute can be potentially much faster than being on the roads by flying above infrastructures and buildings.

Buildings and apartments flood the view of Seoul. Flying over them may be a faster way to commute.

According to SK Telecom CEO, Ryu Young-sang, they want to commercialise UAM in South Korea by 2025 and to be able to offer autonomous services by 2030.

What do you think of flying taxis? Will you be excited to try it out one day? Count me out if those flying taxis are operated by reckless taxi ajusshis (아저씨 or middle-aged men). 😇

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